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Diavik built three unique water retention structures to access four kimberlite pipes in shallow waters of Lac de Gras. Far left is the A21 dike project prior to dewatering. Photo: Diavik Diamond Mines
  • Diamonds
  • Production start 2003, after exploration started in 1991 with staking by Aber Resources
  • Lac de Gras, Northwest Territories, 300 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife
  • Open-pit and underground (A154 South, A154 North, A418), open pit A21
  • Mine life projection 16-22 years (2003-2025) – currently projecting maximum end of range to 2025
  • Socio-economic northern legacy – 9,245 person years employment, $5.4 billion spend (through 2017)
  • Over $1 billion of wealth generated per square kilometre (12) of footprint
  • Owned by Rio Tinto (60% and operator) and Dominion Diamond (40%)
  • A21 construction complete and first diamonds produced March 2018