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Minerals in our Lives

Canada is resource rich and knowledge of the land and its resources is fundamental to the ability to explore, develop, and participate in responsible resource development.

Students learn about geology during a field trip along the Ranney Hill Geological Interpretive Trail near Yellowknife, NWT. The field trip was part of a three-day Mining Matters Mining Rocks Earth Sciences program which focused on rocks and minerals, mineral exploration, mining, sustainability, and the importance of mineral resources in society. Sponsors were the Government of the Northwest Territories, TerraX Minerals, and Natural Resources Canada. Photo: Mining Matters/TerraX Minerals

The quality of human life has changed enormously with the development of resources. Fuel (natural gas, oil, and coal) keeps people warm, provides clean, hot water, and helps transport people. Plastics (petrochemicals) are needed in manufacturing, telecommunications, and construction.

Metals and minerals are critical for vehicles, buildings, infrastructure, electronics, and equipment including surgical instruments. Virtually all devices that allow our modern technology to function require minerals and metals from mines.

Mining, as a result of how its products are part of everyone’s lives, is in fact everywhere.

For fascinating look at where metals and minerals are used, from wind turbines to the Stanley Cup, see the Mining Association of Canada’s 30 Things resource.




Focusing on past and current northern mines’ commodities, see sub pages to learn more about how their commodities are part of today’s world.