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Where It Works

To create a mine takes years, even decades, of work and hundreds of millions of dollars of investment. The North, with 3.4 million square kilometres is highly perspective for discovering metals and minerals deposits. Currently, mines use a tiny fraction of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut; in the NWT 0.005% and in Nunavut 0.006%.

From this tiny footprint, mines create jobs, business benefits, contribute to communities’ well-being, and generate taxes and royalties to public and Indigenous governments. There are six operating mines in the North, including three in the Northwest Territories, and three in Nunavut.

The NWT’s three diamond mines are located in an area known as the Slave Geological Province, northeast of Yellowknife, the territorial capital.

Nunavut has two gold mines and one iron mine. Each of Nunavut three regions, Kitikmeot, Kivalliq, and Qiqiktani, have a mine contributing to their communities and economies.

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