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NWT Mining Week

NWT Mining Week celebrates the Northwest Territories rich mineral resources history and the many opportunities and benefits the industry offers! This year, through a partnership of the NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines and the Northwest Territories Government, NWT Mining Week went virtual! NWT Mining Week was celebrated June 21 – June 27.

2020 Mining Week Prize Winners

Thanks to all for sending us your 2020 Mining Week activity booklet work! Congratulations to our contest winners!

Grand Prize Winner

  • Suriyah Bourke-Holmberg
    Activities for grades K-12!

Daily Prize Pack Winners

  • Nicholas Rymer
  • Maalia Townsend
  • Jolie Wolki
  • Raelle Wolki
  • Alexa Day
  • Seiya McEachern
  • Lazrin Fisher
  • Trinity Fisher
  • Alanis Fisher
  • Harmony Fisher
  • Taya Norris-Lomothe
  • Caris Wood

#nwtrocks2020 rock walk Ipad winner

  • Jaylene Delorme

We hope everyone enjoyed virtual mining week 2020. The week featured various on-line activities, including videos, and social media posts highlighting several aspects of the mineral resources industry. The new GNWT geology Walking Tour App was launched to start the week!

For grades K to 12, the week included an activity booklet. Thanks again to all who submitted activities to our contest and thanks to all who participated in the #nwtrocks2020 social media contest too!

Thanks to the Northwest Territories Geological Survey for producing these great videos which included:

Click here for the June 16 Mining Week Goes Virtual media release and check out the schedule here.

Contact is Doug Ashbury at the Chamber of Mines pamgr@miningnorth.com.